With the October 17th goal for the legalization of marijuana fast approaching, consumers are now facing the issue of choosing the right and safe cannabis products for them. And although many of the products in the marketplace appear similar, there can be a number of significant differences concerning efficacy and safety. This is where third-party cannabis testing becomes essential. As the thresholds for cannabis products are not yet uniformly standardized across the industry, most reputable companies are going the extra distance and hiring a third-party laboratory to verify their products. These labs, which are not affiliated with manufacturers, consumers or brands, do not have a vested interest in the outcome and therefore play an important role in offering transparency, quality control and trust to the consumer. Synfine-standards is one of the most reliable and affordable labs in Canada which implements a variety of established methods ensuring overall quality and safety of the cannabis products. This cannabis testing analytical laboratory is fully equipped to validate and analyze potency, cannabinoids content, terpenes, microbiological screening, pesticides & heavy metal detection in cannabis products.


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