EP Reference Impurities:
Search 2500 european reference APIs and their impurities. The list includes the EP impurity specification, CAS No and TRC catalogue number. All products in our catalogue link directly to our TRC website.
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Water Contaminants
WHO has issued guidelines for drinking water quality, level of contaminants, and other standard universally accepted parameters. Qualitative and quantitative measurements are required from time to time in order to constantly monitor the quality of water from the various sources of supply. We provide ISO Certified products required for regular monitoring of these standards. Download our special edition water contaminants catalog containing products listed in contaminant candidate list (CCL) issued by "United States Environmental Protection Agency" (USEPA).
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Pesticides in vineyards:
Pesticides are used frequently to control pests and diseases in vineyards to increase crop yield. The regulatory bodies have established a maximum residue levels of pesticides permitted in grape products. TRC has a large selection of compounds that are used for analytical applications related to pesticide detection.

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Processing Contaminants (MCPD Detection)
Food safety continues to be a major focus of food analysis and research. Consumers are often exposed to food contaminants from processed foods. In particular, 3-MCPD and glycidyl esters are a class of carcinogenic compounds found in edible oils. To minimize exposure of these compounds, regulatory bodies have established guidelines for monitoring food contaminants. Toronto Research Chemicals has a large selection of compounds that can be used for analytical applications related to food contaminant detection.
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USP related compounds:
Search USP related impurities and compounds along with their CAS No and TRC catalogue No. All products in this PDF document link directly to product page.
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Alzheimer's Product listing:
A collection of innovative and quality products for parkinson research, highlighting the key targets including,
- Amyloid B
- Glutamate Receptor
- GSK3
- Y-Secretase
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Neuroprotective product listings:
A collection of innovative and quality products for Neuro protective research, highlighting the key targets including:
- Adenosine reuptake blockers
- ACE inhibitors
- Adrenoceptors
- Glutamate Modulators
- Nootropics
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Pesticide Analytes:
Recently, Oregon Health Authority and Health Canada ordered medical marijuana growers to test for banned pesticides. Browse our complete list of high-quality research products (as per Oregon Health Authority) required for authentic pesticide testing.
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Pesticide Analytes:
The safe drinking water and toxic enforcement act also known as "proposition 65" was conceptualized as a response to the growing concerns about exposure to toxic chemicals that causes cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. This list which includes wide range of naturally occuring and synthetic chemicals frequently detected in food, drug, dyes or solvents along with their stable labeled isotopes and metabolites is available and in stock at TRC.
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Fungal Metabolites:
View our wide range of fungal metabolites, mycotoxins and phytotoxins available and in-stock at TRC in our latest catalogue. All products in this catalogue pdf link directly to product page on the website.
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