Synfine Research, a division and distributor of Toronto Research Chemicals (TRC), offers a full range of biochemical synthesis for life science, pharmaceutical, and chemical-related industries. With a product line of >100,000 complex organic molecules at “off-the-shelf pricing”, TRC’s chemists work closely with clients on target design and project development, throughout the project. Synfine maintains close communication with customers to ensure a successful project delivered ahead of expectations.
TRC’s technical capabilities include:

  • Complex multi-step organic and inorganic synthesis
  • Development of new synthetic routes
  • Synthesis of standardized reference compounds
  • Customized cocktail of chemicals
  • Building blocks for combinatorial chemistry
  • Stable labeled isotopes
  • Milligram to kilogram batch synthesis

We provide a 3-step solution for helping you get what you need:

Consultation Synthesis Delivery
  • Synthetic route development
  • Discussing progression
  • State of art QA services
  • Lead time
  • Troubleshooting
  • Purity by HPLC
  • Quote competitiveness
  • Timeframe progression
  • MSDS, CofA, Spectral data
  • Confidentiality/NDA
  • Laboratory support
  • Customized Packaging
  • Regular updates
  • Product Development
  • For our pharmaceutical and analytical lab clients, we also provide certified reference standards and exact-weight services as part of our offerings. TRC works in compliance with governing health authorities and have Health Canada license for cannabis testing
    TRC’s experience includes, but is not limited to:

    • Asymmetric synthesis and chiral separation
    • Bio conjugate chemistry
    • Biologically active compounds
    • Drug metabolites and API impurities
    • Drugs of abuse
    • Multi-step synthetic and medicinal chemistry
    • Natural products including carbohydrates and steroids
    • Organometallic chemistry
    • Peptide and polypeptide synthesis
    • Pesticides and their metabolites
    • Photochemistry and pressure reactions
    • Pharmacological receptor targets
    • Stable isotopes including deuterium, 13C and15N
    • Toxic compounds and potent substances

    Why choose us?

    Since 1983, TRC is constantly striving to provide high quality innovative research chemicals at “off-the-shelf pricing”. During this tenure, TRC has able to accomplish the following:

    • > 120 patent citations
    • > 200 Ph.D./MSc. Chemists
    • >100,000 high-quality products
    • >2000 peer review research citations
    • Cost-effective products with guaranteed quality
    • Full project planning scientific group
    • Highly rated and well-reviewed products
    • ISO 9001 certified labs


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